400Ton Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine
  • 400Ton Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine
  • 400Ton Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine
  • 400Ton Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine
  • 400Ton Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine
  • 400Ton Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine
  • 400Ton Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

400Ton Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

Your ideal partner for die casting machines.
We supply 400Ton High Pressure Zinc Alloy Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine high precision with CE UL 2 years warranty.We devoted ourselves to die casting machine many years,covering Russia,India,South-east Asia and South-America markets.We are expecting become your long-term partner in China.
More Details

400Ton Zinc Alloy Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine


  1. Air Injection Speed ≥5m/s;
  2. Multi-stage pressure sectional control mold open & close and low-pressure mold close protection;
  3. 2 Stages injection controls with large volume air-bag accumulator;
  4. Adopt the Electric Chain for mold adjustment;
  5. More suitable for automatically production.

Stable Electrical Control System

The ORMON PLC control system (touch screen) is safe and reliable with high control accuracy. Separate integration of the electrical and electronic systems effectively enhances the stability of the electrical circuit.

Superior Injection System

Injection system has powerful structure and strong design to ensure the good stability.

Highly Stable Toggle System

High strength casting iron platen, high tension alloy steel tie bars, safety and durable.Faster mold open & close,Faster accumulating, effectively shorten the cycle time.

Melting Furnace System

Standard with electrical melting furnace,aviaiable to suplly the fuel furnace,nature gas furnace as special requirement.

Precision Power System

High preformance vane pump,low noize,optimized oil control,improve production efficiency.


General technology

Servo Motor Energy Saving System(option)

  1. High efficiency and excellence in energy saving

The die casting machine automatically adjusts the flow pressure based on the computer setting. The overall energy saving effect can reach 45%~75%.

  1. Low noise

Noise during normal operation less than 65dB, to achieve quiet operation and improve the working environment.

  1. High speed response

The overall system dynamic response time is less than 50ms, and the production efficiency is increased by 5% to 7% over the ordinary models.

  1. High-precision control

The PID adjustment of the system flow and pressure by the oil-cooled servo driver makes that the repeatable precision of the entire oil system is controlled within 0.3% to ensure product quality.

  1. Increase of service life

The double closed loop of flow pressure makes the machine run steadily and with high repeatability, greatly reducing the strike, relieving the wear of various components and prolonging the service life.

Air ejection system and spraying system(option)

We supply the  air ejection from top side,to eject the parts fastly,to shorten the cycle time and improve the production.

The spraying system also aviable to supply.

Conveying system(option)

We can supply the special converying system,to keep the automatic production with lower cost,applied with more production requirement.

Intergrated Solution

Hot chamber die casting machine+Automation+Mould

DM Series:DM25-DM400