• Our Service 

    Our business is taking care of your business. 

    Pre-Sale Service

    1.Provide free technical advisory services for users.

    2.Provide catalogue, business profiles, credit certificates & other information.

    3.Visit product design, process flow and quality management system.

    4.Free design and type selection according to site conditions and user needs, will provide the suitable die casting machine solution, even you are new factory.


    In-Sale Service

    1.Die casting machine dry testing for free.

    2.In the process of product manufacturing, the relevant technical personnel of users are invited to visit our company to inspect the inspection of each process in the manufacturing process, and the inspection standards and results of products are provided to the relevant technical personnel of users.


    After-Sale Service

    1.Technical training should be carried out according to users needs, and products should be improved in time according to users' needs.

    2.Provide set of video for installation, setting, maintenance.

    3.Provide tool case with spare part for each machine FOR FREE.

    4.Provide a warantee 14months after shipment date.

    5.Engineer available to service oversea.

    6.We will provide free training to your technician free of charge at our factory site in China. The total training period would be 2-10 working days. All travel and related expense would be at the purchaser’s expense.


    Service Agreements

    With the aim of ensuring that your die casting machines receive the optimal level of care, Shimi machinery manufacturer offers a maintenance contract to keep your equipment covered after the end of the guarantee.

    After the purchase of your die casting machines, you will be covered by a 14months guarantee covering spare parts and labor, including:

    1. Regular, preventative over-the-phone service.

    2. On-site installation. Technicians are appointed to help clients in die casting machines installation and trial running if necessary. (The buyer should bear all the travel expenditure and pay 150 USD to each technician per service day)

    3. If the die casting machines part gets broken when it exceeds the guarantee time, clients can purchase spare parts from us (including paying the freight fees).

    4. Software updates, corrective maintenance, planned service visits.

    5. OEM service offered, design service offered, buyer label offered.


    Agent Wanted

    1. It's our fault if the products are not competitive.

    2. It's our fault if you don't make money from our products.