• Company Culture


    Core values: integrity, innovation, people-oriented, harmony



    Integrity is the foundation of an enterprise, the foundation of reliability, and the treasure of development. First, we must be honest with customers, second, we must be honest with employees, third, we must be honest with shareholders, fourth, we must be honest with the government, and fifth, we must be honest with society.



    There is no development without innovation. Innovation is the soul of enterprise progress and an inexhaustible driving force for business advancement. The first is cultural innovation, the second is management innovation, and the third is technological innovation.


    People oriented:

    People-oriented is the key to the success of an enterprise. Putting people-oriented, respecting and caring for people in the management position, and being the confidant and caring person of customers, employees and shareholders; only by learning can we succeed.



    Harmony is a form of beauty, which can unite people's hearts, unite forces, and achieve great things. Establish a harmonious working and living environment internally, and establish a harmonious cooperation and development platform externally to contribute to the harmonious development of society.



    Become a long-term strategic partner of the national mold manufacturing industry.



    People-oriented, sharing, development, responsibility

    People-oriented – Our employees are precious wealth, we encourage employees to improve and develop themselves, and experience the meaning of life at work.

    Profit sharing – drink water and think of the source, and thank colleagues for their unremitting contributions and hard work.

    Common development - Gather outstanding professional and management talents, and provide them with a good development space in combination with the company's development goals.

    Commitment to Responsibility – Sustainable operation and giving back to society are the basic commitments to employees, shareholders and society.


    Business philosophy

    Quality - The quality of our products is the optimization of creating customers' products.

    Speed - We deepen the layout and respond quickly to meet customer needs.

    Cost – We combine production and sales and vertical integration to enhance customers' competitive profits.

    Resilience – Our ability to adapt proactively allows us to navigate low-volume product markets.

    Service - We regard ourselves as a manufacturing service industry and provide services that exceed customer requirements.


    Company Culture

    Build a common good - combine professionals in different fields to play a team spirit.

    Responsibility – Respect your own professionalism and entrusted powers and responsibilities, and take responsibility for the success or failure of the team and individuals.

    Clear rewards and punishments – performance-oriented, rewards for meritorious deeds and punishment for demerits.

    Learning and growth – stimulate the wisdom and potential of employees, and constantly break through the upper limit of growth with vitality.


    Core competitiveness

    Good quality and good marketing team

    Production and testing equipment

    Layout of sales outlets

    Quick response after-sales service