Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Working Mode


The melting furnace 10 of the hot chamber die-casting machine is placed in the machine. Before the machine works, the molten metal is poured into the melting furnace. The pouring pot 9 with the pressure chamber and the gooseneck channel and the injection punch 8 are soaked in the molten metal 7. . The opening and closing action of the mold moves horizontally. After the mold is opened, the die casting remains in the moving mold.

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(1) The head plate of the machine and the sprue sleeve of the mold are closely attached to the nozzle (some machines do not have this procedure);

(2) close the mold;

(3) When the injection punch is at the position shown in the figure, the molten metal enters each space in the pouring pot from the side opening, and after flowing in, the liquid level in the gooseneck channel 6 is equal to the liquid level in the furnace together;

(4) The injection punch moves down at a slower injection speed until the side hole is sealed;

(5) The injection punch pushes the molten metal at high speed, passes through the gooseneck channel 6, the nozzle 5, the mold sprue 4, and the splitter 3, and fills it from the ingate 2 into the mold cavity, and then solidifies to become Die casting 1;

(6) The injection punch is lifted, and the molten metal in the nozzle and gooseneck channel flows back into the pouring pot;

(7) Open the mold, the die-casting parts and the gate remain on the movable mold, then eject and take out the die-casting parts;

(8) The machine head plate and the mold sprue sleeve leave the nozzle (some machines do not have this program,

So far, a die-casting cycle is completed.