Features of Vertical Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

(1) Suitable for die casting of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, copper and other alloys;

(2) The amount used in the production site is small, and most of them are small machines;

(3) The pressure chamber is placed vertically. After the molten metal is poured into the pressure chamber, the gas is on the liquid metal, and the entrained gas is less during the injection process;

(4) The injection pressure passes through many turns, which affects the pressure transmission, especially in the pressurization stage, because the orifice at the nozzle inlet is small, the pressure transmission is not sufficient;

(5) It is convenient to open the center gate;

(6) The length direction of the machine occupies a small area, but the height of the machine is relatively high;

(7) When the lower punch enters the molten metal, it is inconvenient to troubleshoot;

(8) In the production operation, there are procedures for cutting off the remaining cake and lifting the cake, which reduces production efficiency;

(9) When using automatic operation, add the procedure of removing the remaining cake from the top surface of the lower punch.

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(1) Suitable for die-casting of various non-ferrous alloys and ferrous metals (not yet common);

(2) The size and model of the machine are relatively complete;

(3) The production operation is less and simple, the production efficiency is high, and it is easy to realize automation;

(4) The injection position of the machine is easier to adjust, suitable for the opening of the eccentric gate, and the central gate can also be used. At this time, corresponding measures should be taken for the mold structure;

(5) The technical content of the injection system is relatively high;

(6) The classification and segmentation of the injection process are obvious and easy to realize, which can meet the various requirements of the die-casting process to a greater extent, so as to adapt to the production of various types and requirements of die-casting parts;

(7) The pressure transmission in the injection process is less turning;

(8) The contact area above the horizontal liquid level of the liquid metal in the pressure chamber is relatively large, and it is easy to get involved in air and oxidized inclusions during injection; for die castings with high requirements or special requirements, satisfactory results can still be obtained by taking corresponding measures the result of.